I am currently living outside of Washington DC with my wonderful wife Kimberly and my three beautiful little girls, McKenzie, Emlyn and Gracie. They bring absolute joy and happiness to my world. I grew up in Dubuque, Iowa. A great place to grow up but if you have ever been there, you probably understand why I am no longer there.

I have been involved in training and education pretty much all of my career which has given me perspective on it and how it works. In todays world, it has become a commodity which is fodder for a posting at some point so I will leave that one alone for the moment.  I have worked for the training departments of Realty Executives International, American Express, Charles Schwab and Education Management Corporation. I currently work in training at Blackboard , without a doubt, one of the best companies that I have ever worked for. 

I have a degree in Art from Loras College and an MBA from Western International University.  I am proud of the academic achievements, but the only thing that they say about me is that I was able to endure alot of BS and write alot of papers for a period of time.  I guess they also say that I am able to successfully complete alot of financial aid forms and will be paying them off until I am 92.

I have a love of all things Apple and Scottish.  Oh, and cigars. Oh, and merlot.  I guess I like Shiraz, too.  Ok, so I like wine.


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