I got a new job!  To tell you the truth, this was not one of my smarter moments but I simply had a gutful of the ………nevermind, I just decided to quit.  Had nothing lined up, I just quit.  I have never done that before.  I did give notice but I was feeling like there was little point in me coming in everyday.  I was being viewed as a Powerpoint person rather than as a training professional that might actually have some good ideas on how to diseminate information.  And life is too short to not feel valued so I told them that they needed to find someone better suited for what they needed. 

I was on “vacation” for 5 weeks at home driving my wife nuts but I was fortunate enough to land a great new gig at Blackboard as a Training Consultant.  So that is why I have been a little quiet as of late. 

Anyway, I am building up a head full of steam and getting ready to spew some more thoughts on management and the training of adults.