I just reviewed a power point presentation that is being delivered in a training session next week by a member of the management team.  He has one hour to talk about marketing and somehow he figured that he couldn’t get his point across with less than 152 slides.  No joke.

Corporate America discovered PowerPoint and has become incredibly lazy. Just let the slide do all the talking. No need to think about how its being said, as long as its on the slide we’re covered.   I cringe when ever I come across a slide that is loaded so much content that the font has been reduced to a size 12.  And in this case, all 152 slides are using….well, I will let you guess.

Guy Kawasaki, former Apple evangelist and current venture capitalist, had a great posting on his blog awhile back on PowerPoint.  Check it out here. His rule on PowerPoint applies primarily to pitching to a VC, but he points out the basic issues that we so often see in training environments. I am not sure that I think we can limit ourselves to 10 slides during training, but the point is valid.

Another great resource is Presentation Zen. PowerPoint is a graphic display of our presentation and is worthy of the attention of a designer.  And if we don’t have access to one, then we must be mindful of what we are putting on screen. Its not about cramming as much stuff on the slide as possible, its about making the most impact.