Can someone please tell me why the hell we are so uninformed?

The recent issue of Wired has an interesting little story about how well informed we are during this incredible information age.  Take a look at it here.

We all know that smoking kills, yet we keep doing it.  There is no secret to losing weight, eat less smarter and exercise more.  Yet, we are seeing obesity reach epic levels.  So why are we not acting on what we know? Why aren’t we asking more questions?

While I was teaching at a college during the 2004 election, I was stunned by the level of apathy that so many of the younger generation has.  There was a general feeling of not caring what happens because it “doesn’t effect them” and “their vote doesn’t count”.  Al Gore and the 2000 election came up and I was so disheartened by then that I couldn’t engage in the argument(the 2000 election was even more disheartening).

I am really stumped on this one.  We have the technology to know in real time when someone blows their nose in Kazastan and yet, 79% of us don’t know who Robert Gates is?  Seriously, does anyone have some thoughts on this?  Does this scare anyone else?  I am usually not the smartest guy in the room, even when I am alone.  So I make it a point to know what is going on in our world, even when it is nothing to smile about.

At least we know that Paris is a changed woman.