I need to preface this by admitting that I am Mac fanboy.  There is nothing that I love more that drooling over the specs of new hardware from Apple.  I proudly wear my Apple OSX tshirt for special occasions and I even have a pair of brand new Apple tennis shoes that were handed out to all of the Apple developers in the early 90’s.  But I have to admit being taken a bit back by all of the hype of this thing coming out Friday night.

Some of these guys are already camping out to snag one.   There are reports of armed guards accompanying the shipments. There are even reports on how to safely purchase an iPhone without getting mugged.  Seriously, Steve Jobs may be a genius at marketing but this is nuts.  It isn’t Jesus making an apprearance, its a cell phone.  There is no way that I would even consider waiting in line for a product that will be obsolete in 20 minutes.

Ok, that and the fact that my wife won’t even talk to me about getting one.   But if she would let me get one…..